Help Us Build A Bigger Mountain!

Imagine being a child in today’s school world. They are using tablets in class and learning more than one way to solve math problems. After several hours of concentration, it’s time for recess, an important chance to relax your mind and get some exercise. But you are not allowed to go outside for recess because you misplaced your mittens. Instead you must stay in the classroom and wait. Alone. With no way to exercise and get that energy out of your system.

The Mountain of Mittens mandate is to make sure that teachers have the mittens they need to give to kids so they can go out and enjoy recess. Simply put, we are helping our educators to be able to provide the best environment for kids to thrive. Right now, kids are at home and there is not a real need for mittens. However, the kids will not stay home forever. We want to prepare now for the coming school year. To quote a popular television show: Winter is coming.

You can help change the outcome of the story above.  Join All Nations Church for our 5th year of Mountain of Mittens. Here’s how:
1. Knit, crochet or sew mittens for elementary school age kid
2. Purchase mittens to donate
3. Spread the word to all your craft minded friends
4. Keep them piling up till we tell you where to drop them off in the Fall

 We are also happy to receive toques and scarves. Every year we donate thousands of mittens to schools right across the Sudbury-Manitoulin District. We need your help if 2020 is going to be a great school year for our kids.

Please, if you are supporting us, talk about it on social media. Share videos of how you are helping to support Mountain of Mittens. Use #MountainOfMittens and #HomeSpun. Tag our Facebook page. If you have not already, like and share it. You can find us at

Together we can make tomorrow better by working together today.