All Nations Church is governed by a set of principles and rules to ensure that the vision and mission of All Nations Church is always being carried out. The governance document attached below covers eight main sections: The Governance Structure, The Board are a Self-Perpetuating Board, The Elders are the Final Authority in All Human Resource and Relationship Issues, The Elders are the Final Authority on the Budget, The Elders’ Role Within the Congregation, Congregational Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Meeting Quorum and Elders’ Length of Service. All Nations Church governance fundamentally is based around multiple concepts. These include:
  • In all matters of governance, the application of grace shall be the foundational value.
  • The process for becoming and remaining an elder is essentially a spiritual one.
  • The foundational values are that the system should be as equitable and transparent as possible.
  • The elders are responsible for overseeing the financial welfare of the church.
  • Elders strive to make themselves available and visible to the congregation and respond with transparency.
  • The resolution of church conflict is biblically based.