Turning Loss Into Treasure

The other day I was visiting someone at the hospital and because my schedule was so busy, I decided to valet park.  When I was leaving, the parking attendant went to get my car.  As he was bringing the vehicle around, I searched my pockets for a tip.  I had two ten-dollar bills in one pocket and two one-dollar bills in the opposite jacket pocket.  You already know exactly what happened.  Somehow in the process of getting my car back, I thanked the valet attendant and quietly passed him his folded-up tip - twenty dollars of tip to be exact.

It was a few hours later and I was searching through my pockets wondering why I had two dollars and couldn't find my twenty.  Suddenly my generosity made me wince.  I'm not going to lie to you, my first instinct was one of loss.  But oh, how I love the Holy Spirit's perspective on life.

He instantly reminded me to get my thanksgiving going to God.  2 Corinthians 2:14 “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us spreads and makes evident everywhere the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of Him.”  Some translations of that same verse say, “Thanks be to God, which always causes us to triumph.”  So I said, “Father thank you that you take care of me abundantly and your grace is so amazing that even my mistakes prosper.”  
All of sudden I could see that attendant throwing out a random prayer to God something like, “God I haven't had a tip all day.  If you care at all about me then let some customer give me a ten-dollar bill.  No.  Wait a sec.  If you really love me then I want a ten-dollar bill for me and one for my wife.  The best tip I've ever got in this town is five bucks.”  Just then I step up to the counter and hand him my claim tag.

Holy Spirit gave me eyes to see that instead of losing, I was part of God's loving touch.  Did you know that your thanksgiving reveals your spiritual focus?  What you fix your attention on is what grows in your life.  If you focus on the problem, it grows.  If you fix your gaze on the answer, it grows.  What you can't see, you can't have.

Now you may think, ‘Big deal.  That may work with twenty dollars but I'm dealing with the really big stuff.’  Thankfulness is one of the most powerful expressions of faith.  When Pam and I went through the dark valley of the miscarriage of our twin boys we used thanksgiving to indulge in God's victory.  No, we weren't thankful for the loss, but we were thankful IN the crisis.  It turned our heartache into the most amazing treasure always before us.  Of course, the enemy will say you've lost.  Yes, a carnal view will always complain and embrace sadness, but thanks be to God, which always, always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus.  That’s how you turn loss into treasure.

Let's Pray God's Wisdom Together:
Thank You Father God!  Even in the midst of this circumstance I give You thanks, for thanksgiving is Your will for me and it causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus.  Difficult things happen in life, but God You are greater.  Greater are You in me, than the enemy who is in this world.  I thank You Father God that You lead me with Your precious Holy Spirit.  I’m not alone, but I’m led.  You are the Good Shepherd who never leaves or forsakes Your loved ones.  I lay down all my hurts and losses at the foot of the cross and ask that You give me Your perspective.  Help me to see the treasures and triumphs that are mine, in Christ Jesus.  Amen.  
P.S. If you need someone to pray with you, please reach out to us on our website allnationschurch.ca so we can be there for you.  In difficult times we especially need to pray for one another and encourage one another.  You are important to us, and you are important to others who are going through difficult times.  Please help us to help others.  You can do that by sharing these Lifetalks with a friend.  Maybe have a coffee with a friend and listen together.  You’ll be amazed at how God uses you for His glory.  

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