What You Celebrate

I want to bring a very important thought for your life into the light.  It is foundational to your well-being and wholeness as a person so let’s take a few minutes to hear God’s Word. 
Think about the word ‘celebrate’ and specifically, what it is you celebrate.  There is a law of attraction and repulsion in place.  What you celebrate and esteem comes to you.  What you disrespect or disregard, is repelled from you.  This seems overly simplified, but it is absolutely true. 
When you think about this truth, you cannot help but review the question of what it is that you celebrate.  We’re not talking about parties or occasions.  This is about what you magnify and glorify in your life.  “Oh, that’s easy … I magnify and glorify God.”  There was a time in my life when I would have quickly given that answer to anyone who asked me, but it wouldn’t have been true. 
The reality of what you truly celebrate is found in the abundance of your words.  Jesus said in Luke 6:45 “Out of the abundance of the heart [your] mouth speaks.”  Think about that: all the things you talk about, and then consider what keeps showing up in your life.  Understand this, what you talk about, share, inbox, text and think on, is what you’re attracting to your life.
If you talk about the problem, rehearse problems, complain about problems, magnify problems – you are attracting bigger and worse problems.  If you talk the answer, magnify and glorify answers – you are attracting the answer.  That’s Wisdom! 
In the book of Numbers, chapters 13 and 14, there are twelve men that go spy out a land God promised to His people.  Ten come home saying “Sure it’s a great place, BUT it’s too much, too big, and the bad guys there are gigantic.  We can’t do it!  We look like little grasshoppers!”  They magnified and celebrated the enemy.  They didn’t mention God’s power or His faithfulness once.  They celebrated fear.  They put themselves down.
The other two spies were Joshua and Caleb.  They basically rebuked the people and said, “Quit celebrating the strength of the enemy and celebrate the power of our big God.  Let’s take the land now.  It’s ours!  God is on our side!”  We call that, faith talk.
Often it takes courage and faith to celebrate the right things because we live in a world that is under a curse and hates God.  The book of John 17 says that we, like Jesus, are in the world but not of the world. 
Celebrate answers.  Magnify what’s good, pure and beautiful.  Dedicate your mouth to magnifying what you actually want.  Sing and shout about it.  Let’s put the law of spiritual attraction to work for us and not against us.  Choose today what, and Whom, you will celebrate.

Pray the Word:
Thank You Father God for giving me Your only begotten Son - Jesus.  AND thank You for giving me Your Word, full of promises.  Put a seal upon my mouth and help me to celebrate Your grace, Your Salvation, Your protection in the Name of Christ.  You haven’t left me without great help, answers, and provision.  Forgive me for talking and rehearsing the problems of the day over and over.  Now, with Your help, I set my mind on things above and choose to talk about Your unfailing Word.  All in the Name of Jesus.  Amen!

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