The All Nations Church Bursary

“For the righteous will never be moved; they will be remembered forever”  Psalm 112:6

What is The All Nations Church bursary?
This Bursary is financial assistance designed to help with the cost of education for those who wish to serve in some area of Christian ministry within the evangelical community. The Bursary Foundation was established in memory of Pastor Kitchener Mahood as a way to invest in future leaders, encouraging them to be well equipped for ministry and service.
Who can apply?
Men and women, young adults or mature students are welcome to apply. Applicants must be enrolled in education that will prepare them for Christian ministry.
Applicants should be involved in a ministry in a local church or volunteering within the community, demonstrating their desire to serve God’s people. Financial need is a consideration.
What is the application process?
Applicants are requested to submit a completed application form, two letters of reference, confirmation of enrolment and possibly a transcript of marks (if relevant). Applicants will need to articulate their purpose in pursuing studies. Recipients of a bursary can apply for further funding in subsequent academic years with evidence of success within their program. Applications may be submitted at any time. Once received they will be considered at the next board meeting. Board meetings are held in late September, January, and April. Final decisions for granting bursaries are made on a case-by-case basis.
How much is Offered?
The amount of the bursary depends on the financial need of the applicant, the merit of the application, and the funds available for distribution. Bursary amounts have ranged from $200 to $3000. Some bursaries have been as simple as help with the cost of books for distance education, others have helped with costs up to doctoral degrees. Since its beginning in 1984, the foundation has dispensed over $110,000 to qualified recipients.
What else does the foundation do?
The Foundation also offers an annual bursary at Heritage Seminary (Cambridge ON) to a worthy student with a financial need who is in the Master of Divinity program, Pastoral Studies track, and who has completed one year of the program (30 credit hours).
How can I offer support?
The foundation is supported by gifts from people who expect God will make a difference. These gifts come from various sources including memorial gifts, gifts honouring loved ones on special occasions, monthly giving, or estate planning options. The foundation is a registered charity and donations are tax deductible. A volunteer board of directors makes all decisions regarding awards and policy.
Kitchener Mahood was born in 1916 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and entered full time ministry in 1934. In 1937, Mr. Mahood entered Elim Bible College in London, England, and was ordained in 1938. In 1940, Pastor Mahood enlisted in the Royal Air Force, and served for six years, two of which were spent in India. Upon release in 1946, Mr. Mahood returned to pastoral duties in England and Northern Ireland. In 1953, Rev. &Mrs. Mahood were invited to shepherd a fellowship of believers in Sudbury, and served as pastor of this fellowship, now known as All Nations Church, until his retirement in 1981. Rev. Jeremy Mahood succeeded his father and continueds as pastor of the Church, which is a dynamic Christian community witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ in association with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. Until his death in October, 1983, Pastor Mahood was sensitive to the spiritual and educational needs of those whom he served. Under his guidance many young persons were challenged and assisted into God’s service. This foundation was established to continue his vision of encouraging young people toward a full-time commitment to God’s service.